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"Even when you’re tired if you look at Mino hyung, you’ll just smile."

Taehyun on Naver Cast (via turn-bromance-on)


Mama’s getting back to Australia today. I can’t help but get gloomy. and the rainy day doesn’t help me improve my mood. Haaaaaaay. :((( See you in four months mom. Cherish and appreciate what your mom do for you. To those who are staying with their mom, take good care of them and love them! They love you unconditionally and all they do is for your own good. ILOOOOVEYOUMAMA!!!!!!! I miss you already. But life goes on! In God’s time, you wouldn’t have to go abroad anymore and endure the homesickness. <3 <3 <3 

Turned officially 18 today. :)) I thank God with all my heart and soul for giving me the chance to live for 18 years, and for letting me live a lot more years to go, even though I am like this. For blessing me with wonderful parents and family who persistently guides and loves me through it all, though sometimes I’m a big pain in the s!@23, and for letting me meet my beautiful friends and significant others and my prince. Lord, You are my Rock! Thaaaaaaaankyou!!!!

Sana sa bawat pagbubulakbol mo, malaman mo na parang karma lang yan, what goes around comes back around. Sana sa bawat pagbubulakbol mo naiisip mo na may nasasaktan dhil concerned sayo. Hindi ka pinagbabawalan dahil para sakanila yun, kundi para sayo din. Sana naiisip mo na may mga magulang ka na nagkakanda-kubakuba at halos mawala na sa tamang pagiisip dahil sa lungkot para lang maigapang ka. Hindi para maigapang yang bisyo mo. Sana naiisip mo na maraming batang katulad mo na gustong gusto yang kinalalagyan mong ginhawa sa buhay. Sana naiisip mo na yung future mo, lalo nat hindi naman nagkukulang mga magulang mo para sayo. Sana hindi pa huli ang lahat bago mo marealize lahat ng meron ka na sinasayang mo ngayon. Lahat ng bagay may hangganan, Yang mga pagbubulakbol mo? Pangmadalian lang yan. :) Wag mo hayaang turuan ka ng kapalaran sa mahirap na paraan. Wag mong sirain yang buhay mo para lang sa panandaliang bisyo at kasiyahan. Di naman masama ang pakonti konti e. Pero sabi nga. Lahat ng sobra ay nakakasama. 

oh gosh

good advice from Disney

Sometimes the right path is NOT the easiest one.



Quote Company

Like all the time :> <3


Fan made animated poster for Divergent

Ah, Life.

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